Mums Just Like Us - Lucy at Artemis

Our writer and fellow mum Ally chatted with Lucy Eru, Marketing Manager at Artemis this week to discuss Artemis, being a mum and the Mums Meet Mums event. 

Q: Why did Artemis want to become involved with this Mums Meet Mums event?

We felt this event really spoke to us. As a company we have a strong affinity to women, being named after a Goddess who is known as a protector of women and the natural environment. Speaking personally, as the mother of a 20-month-old, this event and the opportunity it creates to spend time with other mothers really resonates with me.

Q: As a mother yourself, how important did you find it to make time to connect and spend time with other new parents?

Hugely important. I was really the first of our group of friends to have children so didn’t have any close friends going through the same thing as me. We did the whole antenatal class thing, but you don’t always connect with people that closely as often the only thing you have in common is the fact that you’re pregnant! I think having the opportunity to attend an event like Mums Meet Mums and to talk to people who are going through the same stuff at the same time as you is invaluable. It can just be so reassuring to know whatever stress you’re facing at the time, be it sleeping, feeding, naps, that hopefully it’s just a phase and someone else has come out the other side!

Q: At what point in your journey as a mum, did you recognise the value of self-care and really cherishing and looking after yourself?

I am actually very mindful of self-care; it’s something that is really encouraged here at Artemis so it’s impossible for it not to filter into all aspects of your life! It’s great working for a company that prioritises well-being and health. The mantra of self-care naturally translated into my life as a mother. Right from the start of my pregnancy, I prioritised looking after myself – walking at the beach every morning, taking our Pregnancy Tea, resting when I’m tired – not battling through. And when Emerson was born, continuing to look after myself, although I wasn’t particularly good at that because when you’re in the newborn haze you quickly fall down the list of priorities as you just generally try and cope!  But it’s important to remember that if mum isn’t well, then no-one’s well, not least her baby. Looking after number one really is essential.

Q: How does Artemis as a brand fit in with your personal values and life as a mum?

To be honest, I’ve changed my life to fit Artemis! I’ve always been quite outdoorsy but never aware of how using nature can make us feel better. Working here has really improved my life and my family’s life. Our Founder, Sandra, is always encouraging us to talk about how we are feeling and to relax and take time out, and it’s so important to do that.

Q: What’s your favourite Artemis product and why?

Oh that’s easy…the Liver Detox Tea hands down. Every single day I have one for breakfast, or if I am running late I’ll have one at my desk whilst I’m going through my emails. Our bodies simply haven’t evolved as much as the world around us has and we are exposed to so many toxins in our daily lives. I find you don’t notice a huge difference when you’re taking it, but you certainly notice it when you stop. It was an absolute saving grace for me when I was pregnant, it literally stopped my morning sickness in its tracks.

Q: How have you found the age-old juggling act of balancing being a mum with going back to work?

I went back part-time which I think was possibly more stressful to begin with, but my husband then became a stay at home dad for a while and that was amazing. At that point I went back full time then and it just meant I didn’t have to worry about anything as I knew Emerson was being so well cared for and that everything was getting done at home. But my husband has just gone back to work himself now so I’m starting to find it really difficult as we always feel like we’re rushing. You know rushing in the morning to drop Emerson off, get to work, pick him up, cook dinner, get him to bed…and then the weekend is just more rushing with catching up on jobs and seeing friends. I really do take my hat off to all the single parents who do it all by themselves day in day out. I definitely find I need a little time out just to give myself a breather, even if it’s just a walk in the evening on my own, and I think it must be so hard if you don’t get that opportunity.

Q: If you could go back to being pregnant, what advice would you give yourself now you’ve become a mum?

If banking sleep was possible, I’d say SLEEP all the hours because you’ll never sleep well again!! But seriously, I would tell myself to ask for help – whether its little or big. Your friends and family really do want to help so let them.

Author: Our writer and fellow mum, Ally Hossain, has worked extensively as a journalist in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. She has also taught Journalism at universities in all three countries, and is now a specialist in Communications. She is currently enjoying working part time whilst looking after her 19-month-old son Barney. They live with her husband Mark in Nelson, and can be spotted checking out the beaches and playgrounds of the top of the South Island!


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